Frequently Asked Questions

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B l o n d e - E x t e n s i o n s

All of our textures are created by using high heat steam pressure over a certain length of time depending on the texture. All of our natural black (and dark brown) sets are considered Virgin Human Hair meaning it has not been permed, dyed, or have had any chemicals added to it after it was cut from its donor. 

Our blonde hair starts as Single Donor Virgin Natural Black Hair but is heavily processed and dyed multiple times to achieve its color (this is also why there's a 7-10 day processing time). Because the blonde hair is so heavily processed to reach its color it can not stand high heat steam pressure for a very long time in order to create multiple patterns that last after multiple washings. This is why you don't see a lot of blonde curly hair on the market. It is also a very expensive process (hence the price). We start from a very pure source of hair that allows us dye, process, and heat steam the hair without it massively shedding. Blonde curly hair extensions that sheds excessively is a result of cheaper hair materials. Blonde curly hair extensions that can't reach a distinct curl pattern or can't hold its curl after multiple washings is also a result of cheaper hair materials. 

We understand there are an unlimited amount of blonde shades and we obviously don't carry them all. However, depending on the complexity of your blonde shade we suggest ordering the blonde shade that is one shade lighter than natural color and then having your stylist customize your set using the same products and technique that was used on your natural hair. If you have a basic blonde and we do not carry it online, you can place a custom order for your exact color* with no added fee's for the custom order.

We do not recommend bleaching your blonde extensions as they have already gone through a dying process, and forcing bleach on hair that has already been dyed can be difficult. By ordering one shade lighter you would only be depositing color (making it darker) which causes little to no damage to your extensions.

Though we have had customers who have unbelievable success dying their extensions at home, we always suggest in order to properly protect your investment its best to get help from your stylist/colorist. Here are a few Do's & Don'ts when it comes to dying your Bel-Hair Blonde Extensions. 


Always have a professional hair colorist work on your extensions

Opt for a lighter set of extensions to dye darker 

Always do a test strand prior to dyeing the full set

Always use a semi or demi-permanent color and a low volume developer

Pre-wash with sulfate & alcohol-free shampoo before coloring

Mandatory sulfate free deep conditioning treatment 

When using purple shampoo, always fill a deep bowl or sink with warm water and mix in shampoo thoroughly 

Air Dry only


Use any bleach (this includes highlights)

Use products that contain sulfates or alcohol

Don’t use over-the-counter dyes/toners

Blow dry, use high heat after coloring

Apply purple shampoo DIRECTLY to the hair (depending on your tone of blonde, this may not be the best alternative - please consult with your stylist) 

Text HAIR to (818) 450-5307 if you have any additional questions in regards to dying your blonde extensions.

C h o o s i n g - T h e - P e r f e c t - E x t e n s i o n s

Remember you don't need to be an exact match to wear our hair. If you find yourself in-between 2 textures you can probably wear either texture. In fact, most customers are not perfect matches and sometimes need to style, braid, coil, twist their hair to match the extensions. Our main focus is to provide an alternative to straight hair extensions in order to prevent continuous heat damage and allow you to embrace your naturally curly hair.

Take our HAIR QUIZ or choos e from our TEXTURE PAGE to find the closest match for you. If you still are unsure about a texture please text HAIR to (818) 450-5307 and reply to the auto message with a photo of your texture and one of our hair specialist will be right with you! 

Our Classic, Lux, & Bougie sets represent the weight and amount of hair in each set. Please see a breakdown of all the sets below: 

Bel-Hair Classic 120g Set

Pieces: 7 

Weight: 110-120g 

Lengths: 18", 20", 22" 

Is the Classic Set for you?

  • Great for adding 1-2 inches of length to shorter hair 
  • Adding natural volume to thin-medium hair (extensions must match the length of your hair)
  • Perfect starter set to test quality and life span of hair. If you start small you can always add an additional classic set or a volume booster if more volume is needed.

For a limited time, order 2 classic sets and get 50% off!

Bel-Hair Lux 200g Set

Pieces: 8

Weight: 190-200g 

Lengths: 20", 22", 24"

Is the Lux Set for you?

  • You are adding 2-4 inches of length to shoulder/medium length hair 
  • You want natural to luxurious volume to thin or medium hair (extensions must match the length of your hair for a "big hair" look)

Bel-Hair Bougie 320g Set

Pieces: 10

Weight: 310g-320g

Lengths: 22", 26", 

Is the Bougie Set for you?

  • You are adding 4-8 inches of length to shoulder - bra length hair
  • You want a super star MEGA Volume look
  • You do NOT have very thin hair (long or short)

Clip-ins are great for quick self application. They are very versatile easy to install and take out all by your self. 

Bundle Weft Extensions are used for more of a longterm style. They have to be installed by a stylist by using the braid/sew-in method or the braidless sew-in (microlink) method. Braidless sew-ins (microlinks) can be done with wefts or i-tips. Be sure to consult with your stylist before ordering. 

In the curly hair community we all know, SHRINKAGE is a "thing" 😩 

When ordering your Bel-Hair Extensions keep in mind that all of our hair is measured in stretched length and you should account for about 2-4 inches of shrinkage depending on the texture. Not to mention, the length will appear different on every person, as we all have different torso lengths. 

Below you can find approx. where each texture will lay in its relaxed state AFTER washing. 

Beach Wavy & Exotic Curly

18"-20" - Right below shoulder

22" - Bra strap length

24" - Below bra strap/ lower back 

26" - Very lower back / right at waist 

Island Curly & Deep Curly

18"-20" - Shoulder length

22" - Right below Shoulder

24" - Bra length/mid back 

26" - Right below bra length 

Sea Wave & Body Wave

18"-20" - Chest length/right above bra strap

22" - bra length/ right below 

24" - lower back / right above waist

26" - Waist / below waist 

Our dark brown color is a #2 Dark Brown. Miranda is wearing a dark brown exotic curly set that she straightened (fun fact, as of August 2021 this set is now 1 years old!) 

Our natural black clip-in & weft extensions are NOT jet black. If your hair is jet black you may be able to tell the difference between your hair and the extensions quite easily. For a seamless install you would need to place a custom order or have your stylist/colorist dye them for you. Though we always suggest having your stylist/colorist dye your extensions, dying the your natural black extensions jet black is one of the easiest dye jobs you could ever do and is very hard to mess up 😃. Only use a semi or demi-permanent color and a low volume developer (NO Box Dyes). If you are uncomfortable using salon approved products please consult your stylist.

Both ladies below are wearing our Sea Wave texture.

C u s t o m - O r d e r s

Zero! Because we have our own seamstresses and all of our sets are made to order we do not charge any extra fees for making a custom set. You are only charged what the cost of the raw materials + time it takes to make the set. 

Here are some custom orders we have done!

Unfortunately we can not accept returns on custom sets. 

R e t u r n s

Unsure about your order?  Before ordering text ‘Hair’ to (818) 450-5307 if you have any questions regarding hair texture, color or length. We're always here to help!

Human hair extensions are considered a hygienic product by law (similar to underwear, bathing suits etc). Though we would love to accommodate you, we are prohibited by law and new covid restrictions from accepting returns on opened & tampered with human hair. We are not alone, all hair companies are prohibited by law from allowing returns on human hair that has been tampered with.

We are more than happy to accommodate returns and exchanges on hair extensions that have NOT been OPENED, WORN or TAMPERED with within 7 days of receiving your order. All clip-in sets of Bel-Hair Extensions come with a TEST WEFT. You can take out this piece to determine if the curl pattern and length is a good match. Test wefts are apart of your set and can not be straightened, dyed, or altered in any way.

 *All items purchased as a promotional offer and/or discounted 40% or more than its original retail price are exchange only*

Non-refundable items include:

Custom orders 


Weft bundles (exchange only)

Blonde/Colored hair (exchange only)

If you are returning your order for a refund, you will be responsible for your own return shipping costs. We recommend that you send your package with tracking included as we cannot take responsibility for lost returns.

If you are exchanging your order, we provide a complimentary return shipping label for all U.S. customers.

We're sorry to hear that your extensions are not a good fit for your. As noted on our return policy, once the seal on your main set has been broken and the extensions have been removed from their netting, we are unable to accommodate a return or exchange. The reason for this is that human hair extensions are considered a hygienic product by law.

Please feel free to reach out to us at so that we can make some recommendations on how to make your extensions work for you. If you do not believe you can make your set work with your hair, you're always welcome to re-sell your set to a family member or friend, or even online on websites like eBay.

For returned items, it can take up to 21 business days for the funds to credit back to your original payment method as the below steps need to be followed:

1- Shipping time to arrive back to our warehouse (2-4 business days)
2- Processing and inspection for refund approval (5-7 business days)
3- Authorization to finance department to issue refund (2-3 business days)
4- It can also take up to 7 business days for the funds to credit back to your payment method once our finance department process the refund.

Should your refund not be processed within the 21 business days, please send us the tracking number for the returned package so that we can investigate further.

S h i p p i n g

Due to  restrictions from Covid19/DELTA in California please see our updated processing times: 

*All Natural black Clip-in, weft bundles, ponytails, booster sets = 3-5 business days processing time

*All Dark Brown Clip-ins, weft bundles, ponytails, booster sets = 5-7 business days processing time

*All blonde weft bundles and blonde Clip ins = 7-10 Business Days processing time

*All custom orders = 10-12 Business Day processing time (12-14 days if you are getting ombre colors) 

We are fully operational & our fulfillment center is following strict social distancing guideline which ultimately means we have less hands making orders in a given day.

Processing time is simply the time it takes for your order to leave our facility once it is placed. All of our clip-in extensions are made to order in Los Angeles, CA by our amazing seamstresses and great things take time. Typically orders 1-2 days after ordering to make and pack but since Covid/Delta social distancing policies we have had to make adjustments to keep our customers and team as safe as possible. We appreciate your patience through this process. Here are our current processing times:  

*All Natural black Clip-in, weft bundles, ponytails, booster = 3-5 business days processing time

*All Dark Brown Clip-ins, weft bundles, ponytails, booster = 5-7 business days processing time

*All blonde weft bundles and blonde Clip ins = 7-10 Business Days processing time

Expedited shipping does not apply to processing time and only applies to the carrier shipping speed.

Expedited shipping only expedites the shippers carrying time. General USPS shipping can take 3-5 business days depending on your city and state. Expedited shipping is air shipping which takes 2-3 Days guaranteed. Expedited shipping does not exclude processing time. All orders must go through processing. Expedited shipping is the time shipping time of the carrier only. 

We understand things come up and we can't always plan ahead like we intend but unfortunately we can't promise any expedited processing times. However, at times the processing time can be faster than our proposed times so its always best to Text 'HAIR' to (818) 450-5307 to get an estimate shipping date before you order if you have a super tight timeline 😉

If you input an address that does not exist or is missing an apartment number, please email us at right away with the changes. If your order has already shipped, keep an eye on your tracking information as the delivery carrier will either return the package back to sender or try and get in contact with you to verify the address. In the instance that your package is returned back to us, please email our team right away at and we'll set you up with a new order.

If you input an address that exists but is incorrect and do not reach out to us to fix it before it ships you will be responsible for contacting your neighbors/the residents at the address provided to try and retrieve the package. We cannot be held responsible for packages that are miss-delivered or lost due to an incorrect address provided to us.

Please allow the post office 1-2 business days to update your tracking scan. If there has not been any movement in 72 hours please contact us directly so we can try to rectify the situation. 

In regards to a delivered (but not discovered) package, please review the steps below as it may help with locating your package. 


1.) Double check your shipping address on your email confirmation.

2.) Check with your household members and neighbors.

3.) Check inside your mailbox – There are customers who see their package as delivered and it ends up being in their mailbox.

4.) If delivered to a business check with security, front desk, and or mailroom

5.) Go to the 3 post office or UPS closest to you there's a chance that your package may have been held at one of your local post offices instead, despite the tracking showing as being 'Delivered'.

6.) Wait 24-48 - On rare occasions, the carrier may mark the package as being delivered earlier than it actually is. Please wait 24-72 hours for your package to deliver or for the carrier to issue another update.

7.) If shipped with UPS please report to them for their missing package procedures.


We are only responsible for lost packages in which the address on the label does not match the address provided by the customer at time of purchase. We can not be responsible for missing packages due to theft that occurs at the customers residence after packages are marked as delivered. 

If for any reason the address on your label does not reflect the same address you entered at checkout we will send you a replacement set within 3 business days. 

Import duties and taxes may apply upon receipt of international orders.

These duties & taxes are beyond our control as they are set by the Customs Authority of the destination country and depend on a number of factors, such as:

  1. Country of origin of the purchased product
  2. Local VAT rates
  3. Local import taxes

It will be your responsibility to pay these charges if and when asked to by your local authorities.

S h o p - P a y - I n s t a l l m e n t s

To Be Eligible:

  • Your order must be $50-$1000 USD total, including shipping and taxes.
  • You must have a shipping address in the U.S.
  • Your order can't include a gift card.

How It Works:

  1. Add the products to your cart then choose Shop Pay at checkout.
  2. Choose the installments option as your payment method.
  3. Choose a debit or credit card to use for payment, then tap Continue.
  4. Follow the steps to verify your identity—this usually takes just a few moments.
  5. If you agree to the terms, click Agree, then tap Authorize purchase.
  6. Enter the 6-digit verification code that was texted to your phone.

Your first payment will either be due at checkout or 2 weeks after your purchase. The next 3 remaining installments will be automatically charged to your card saved on Shop Pay every 2 weeks. You'll get an email reminder before each payment to keep you in the know.

* Payment options are offered by Affirm and are subject to eligibility check and may not be available in all states. California residents: Affirm Loan Services, LLC is licensed by the Department of Business Oversight. Loans are made or arranged pursuant to California Financing Law license 60DBO-111681.

No impact on your credit score, and you’ll never pay interest or late fees*

If you choose to pay in installments through Shop Pay, there will be no impact to your credit score. For Shop Pay installments, Affirm will not report to credit bureaus. Please note that late payments and non-payments may affect your ability to pay with Shop Pay Installments in the future.

* Payment options are offered by Affirm and are subject to eligibility check and may not be available in all states. California residents: Affirm Loan Services, LLC is licensed by the Department of Business Oversight. Loans are made or arranged pursuant to California Financing Law license 60DBO-111681.

When you choose Shop Pay at checkout, you can split your purchase into 4 equal, 0% interest installment payments—with no additional, hidden, or late fees. You only pay the amount of the product in 4 equal payments. No more, no less.

All orders placed through Shop Pay Installments will go through our normal processing time and ship as normal. There is no additional delay or conditions by placing an order with Shop Pay Installments.

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