How Many Bundles Do I Need? Here's a Detail Chart & Guide

Let's be honest, if you're new to purchasing hair online you probably think you need a whole course in weavology 101. There are so many things to consider.

  • Which hair vendor is the best?
  • Is it going to get to me on time?
  • Closure vs frontal vs natural leave out?
  • Light Brown Lace, transparent, or HD?
  • Hair texture?
  • How long is too long?

And mostly asked, how many bundles do I need?

Most bundles are 100grams or 3-3.5oz each no matter the length. This means, the longer the hair bundle the shorter the weft width and in result, the more bundles you'll need for a full head sew in. Here's a chart that helps guide you through this process. Remember for bigger & fuller hair look options you'll need to double the wefts which is why we suggest opting for an additional bundle. 



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