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Virtual Curly Extensions Consultation: 15min

Personalized Matching: Get expert analysis to ensure your extensions match your natural curls flawlessly, enhancing your look seamlessly.

Customized Styling Advice: Receive professional tips on styling, maintenance, and care tailored to your specific hair needs, maximizing your extensions' potential.

Preview and Selection: View and compare different extensions live during the consultation, helping you make an informed choice based on real-time visuals.

Cost-Effective Planning: Avoid costly mistakes with a guided selection process, ensuring you choose the right extensions the first time and get the best value for your investment.

What's Included

> 15 minute 1-on-1 consultation live with one of our curly reps.

> 5 minute grace period

> 1 Free reschedule

What We Need From You

For optimal results during your virtual consultation, please ensure you are in a quiet and well-lit environment. We highly recommend being outdoors in natural lighting, if possible, to allow us to accurately assess your hair color and texture.


Disclaimer: While our virtual consultation aims to provide personalized guidance and product recommendations, we strongly recommend consulting with your professional stylist who will be installing your extensions. This consultation does not replace the professional advice and hands-on assessment from your stylist