5 Ways You're Damaging Your Curly Extensions

5 Ways You're Damaging Your Curly Extensions

#1: Too Much Shampoo

Too much shampoo can strip your curly extensions of moisture. We suggest co-washing with cold water in between wears as much as possible. If a shampoo is necessary due to product build up, condition first, then shampoo, then condition again. Remember to only use sulfate & paraban free shampoo and conditioner and cold water as hot water can make your extensions more prone to tangles.

#2: Using Harsh Products

We don't recommend OVER USING protein based systems (IE: Olaplex, Hair conditioning repair products) on your extensions.

#3: No Hydration

You're not using a moisturizing leave in conditioner AND oil serum to moisturize so your extensions are super dry & thirsty which results in tangling and matting. We love Argon oil hair serum to keep extensions hydrated.

#4: You Don't Vacation Responsibly 

The chemicals in the chlorine and salt from the ocean can dry out your extensions. YES you can swim in your extensions as long as you are disciplined enough to co-wash your hair IMMEDIATELY after.

#5: Your Night Time Routine

To prevent matting & tangling, make sure your install is fully dry at the root & weft before going to bed and braid your extensions in 2 low braids under a satin bonnet.

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