U-PART Wig (Choose Your Texture)

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Bel-Hair Extensions exclusive Clip-in Upart wigs have a U-shaped design with an open at the top to allow your natural hair to be combed and blended over the wig for a convenient and time-saving piece.

Quick Hack: In a rush and don't have time to bother with your natural hair left out of the U-Wig? Throw on your favorite hat and no one would ever know! 

U-part wigs are a celebrity secret used by many to QUICKLY add instant length and volume. U-part wigs are great for those who are looking for a quick and easy protective style and also for those who's hair may be too thin for or sensitive for clip in extensions. 

Versatility - easy switch your part to the left right or center by shifting the wig as you please. 

Styling - our wig is pre-layered which gives extra volume and fullness similar to our Bel-Hair Bougie clip in sets and comes with with clips all around the perimeter for extra security.

All of our wigs are non refundable and do not come with test wefts. Please contact customer service for a free tester if you're unsure of texture.

Exotic Curly Wig is shown in photo

Long Lasting

These are NOT curls that go flat after the first wash 👎 Our curls are known to get BETTER and CURLIER with every wash. With proper care, we guarantee popping curls for at least 1 year!

Protective Style

You should never have to choose between protecting your curls against heat and longer hair. Longer fuller extensions that match your curls is the answer.

Instant Length & Volume

What use to take hours in the salon can now take minutes at home and is extremely beginner friendly.

Boost Confidence

We believe your hair is your crowning glory and we know it positively impacts your self-confidence when it looks and feels its best. Extensions plays a vital role in building and maintaining that self-confidence, and truly reflects our personality.

Classic120g™ Sets

6 Pieces - 120g Total

-(1) 4 Clip Piece

-(2) 3 Clip Piece

-(3) 2 Clip Pieces

Hurry! It's Peak Season!

Processing Timeline:

Classic Natural Black Clip-ins ships out in 3-5 Business Days

Classic Dark Brown Clip-ins ships out in 5-10 Business Days

See it in action

100% Natural Human Hair

Our natural human hair extensions are ethically sourced, free from toxins, and available in Natural Black & Dark brown.

What's the difference?
Classic Vs. Bougie

Our Classic120g™ sets are great for adding minimal length and minimal volume. They are available in 18"-22" & have 6 pieces in each set. Pair 2 Classic120g™ sets together for even more seamless look!

Our Bougie320g™ sets are made for maximum volume and length! They come in 22"-26" with 10 voluminous pieces. One set is all you'll need for this glam look!

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